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Smart Condominium Management Tools

Leverage the power of AI and Machine Learning to protect the value of your home

On a mission to provide every Condominium in Ontario the tools they need to protect their home and grow their investment

New Toolkit

Introducing the Vertical City Toolkit

A Toolkit for Condominium Corporations

▼ Learn more about some of the Toolkit feature below ▼

Reserve Fund Cash Management

Our toolkit allows you to create an automated cash management strategy, customized to your specific needs, that will continuously monitor your fund to recommend the next optimal action

  • Modify every aspect of the underlying calculation engine

  • View simulations to explore new management ideas

  • Published next actions enable error free automation

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Learn how you can protect your home and grow your investment

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Simple Pricing. Great Value.

Monthly Plan


per unit per month

capped at $750 per month

applicable taxes not included

✓ Full use of online toolkit

✓ Access to all new features

✓ Standard support package

Yearly Plan


per unit per year

capped at $7,500 per year

applicable taxes not included

✓ Full use of online toolkit

✓ Access to all new features

✓ Premium support package


Special Offers

Limited Time Offers

We are currently offering both Condominium Owners and Condominium Boards an opportunity to receive a free preview of our toolkit.

Are you a
Condominium Owner

Any Ontario Condominium Owner can access a free report by sharing their last Notice of Future Funding. Preview the value of our Toolkit and help your Corporation acquire the tools to protect your home and your investment.

Are you a
Condominium Board Member

We are currently looking for Corporations to join our Beta program. Receive six free months of access to our Toolkit and a fully supported experience to discover the value our Toolkit.

Space is limited so sign-up early.

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Explore our articles to learn about us and what we focus on

  • What is Vertical City?
    Vertical City started from a single condominium owner's experience serving on his condo board. You can read more about it here: Our Origins
  • How do I learn more about condo fees and reserve funds?
    You are not alone! In response to our readers, we've created a section of our website dedicated to sharing our knowledge. A great place to start is on our The Basics section, which contains articles for those new to the condo fee management world. Here you can learn about condo fees, reserve funds, operating funds and all the technology and tools that Vertical City utilizes to Lower your Condo Fees!
  • What new features are you planning to release in the future?
    Here is a list of potential new features that are being considered: 1) Budgets - a toolkit to help manage and visualize historical budget data. We are currently researching ways to predict new budgets and making the overall process more efficient. 2) Corporation Knowledge Platform - a set of tools that help digitize current information into a searchable online platform. A persistent digital knowledge base is vital to keep Boards functioning efficiently as members begin to turnover. There is an opportunity here to leverage chat technology. 3) Investing Process Automation - Improve the interaction with financial advisors by automating the consumption of investment opportunity data and streamlining the process to initiate an investment instruction. In addition, we would look to help enable our user base to be able to interact with all financial partners. 4) Aggregate Data Publications - As we learn more about every condominium, we will look to publish insights that utilize an aggregate data set. The power of data from a community of users may be able to benefit the entire community. 5) Intelligent Reservation System - Deliver a reservation system that respect the rules of each condominium corporations and leverages AI to maximize the overall resident experience when accessing shared amenities. Our effort into developing new features is very much driven by the feedback of our user base. Please feel free to contact us about any potential feature you think would be valuable to your Condominium.
  • What product does Vertical City offer?
    Vertical City offers an online toolkit for Condominium Boards that allow them to extract value from their Corporation data.
  • Does Vertical City offer their product outside of Ontario?
    At this time we only offer our toolkit to Condominiums in Ontario. If you are outside of Ontario, please leave us a message with your location and we will let you know when we are active in your area.
  • Is there any obligation to continue after a demo or trial period?
    We do not deploy any opt-in by default policies. After any demo or trial period, your access to our system is terminated. A Corporation must explicitly inform us when they want to begin a new subscription.
  • Is Vertical City a Canadian company?
    Vertical City is a proudly Canadian company based out of Toronto, Ontario.

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