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Vertical City Toolkit - Reserve Fund Dashboard

The Vertical City Toolkit is a collection of software tools offered by Vertical City. It is a suite of tools built for condo boards members to help them with their responsibilities as stewards of the condo. The tools primarily serve as support for management of the Reserve Fund. This article takes a look at the various functions of the Dashboard page and the function's intended usage.

Condo boards or in some cases condo managers should utilize the Dashboard to manage their condo's cash and investments requirements. There are three primary components of the Dashboard:

  1. Next Actions

  2. Investments

  3. History

Next Actions

The Next Actions section generates a proposed investment schedule based on inputs provided by the user in the Investment Calculator. It is providing an investment schedule (with amounts and investment choices) generated from a simulation preformed by Vertical City's AI-powered calculation engine. The powerful machine explores thousands of investment choices across time horizons, and suggests the optimal combination based on condo board members' input in the the Forecast Calculator page. It's important to note that this tool does not provide investment advice; but it is only an AI-powered optimization tool, which generates the best outcome based on a user's input combined with the finance knowledge of the AI-powered engine.


The Investments section gives a view of the Reserve Fund's current holdings; entries on the top are closer to maturity vs entries on the bottom, which are further away from maturity. When an investment matures, the cash is released back into the reserve fund and the money made available for usage. Understanding this cash flow pattern is absolutely necessary to ensure that is sufficient liquidity for scheduled future fund expenses and other unexpected costs that may arise.


The History section provides a view of the Reserve Funds historical balances of cash and Investments. It's designed to give board members a reference point to the data being used in our AI-powered calculation engine. Reviewing this page from time to time will give users confidence that the data is input data is correct and reasonable.


The Dashboard provides an objective framework to board members and condo owners that the reserve fund is being managed in an optimal way. Leveraging this tool provided by our Vertical City Toolkit will allow board members more time to focus on other areas of their condominium responsibilities and ensure a better condo experience for everyone.


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