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Free Report for Condominium Owners

Our system is specifically designed to be used by Condominium Board members only. In practice, Owners would not be able to access our system. The are many reasons why Board operations are not shared with all Owners. However, we will look to articulate those reasons in another article.

As we begin to introduce ourselves and our product to Condominium community, we understand that both Board members and Owners need to understand our value proposition. While Owners may not use our product in practice, it would be useful for Owners to know the value our product can offer.

Introduction Phase

While we are in this initial introduction phase, we have decided to provide Owners a glimpse of our system. While an Owner may really like the potential value of our system, it should be understood that only Condominium Boards can make the decision to engage us and use our system.

Owner Proposition

Owners looking to view a free report will need to provide some information for the system to process. Every Owner receives a Notice of Future Funding from their Property Managers. Our system requires a table from this notice to produce various portions of the free report.

Owners that request a free report will receive a follow up email to provide their latest Notice of Future Funding. To learn how to find you Notice of Future Funding, please refer to the Article: How to Find your Notice of Future Funding.

Once we have you Notice of Future Funding, our system can process your data to build you a report based on your information. We hope that our free report is able to provide a sense of the power of our Toolkit.

Next Steps

If you as Owner, after review our free report, see some potential value in our Toolkit, and think your Condominium Corporation may benefit from using our Toolkit, then you can do one of the following.

  • Share our Report with other Owners - You can share your report or let us build additional logins for any interested Owners. By having multiple Owners evaluating the Toolkit, you can work through any concerns.

  • Inform your Board about our product - You can contact your Board and make them aware of our product. We can also enable access to same free report for any emails you share with us. While informing your Board is a great first step, it is still up to your Board to make the decision to sign-up.

  • Give us permission to engage your Board - You can allow us to contact your Board on your behalf. This can reduce your effort. And by having some direct interaction it may be possible to quickly set up a demonstration for the Board.


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