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Booking a Demo

We are happy to offer a demonstration of our system to any eligible Condominium Boards in Ontario. Please contact us to schedule your demo. Our demonstrations are typically done virtually. Depending on your location, we also can accommodate in-person demonstrations either at your building or hosted in our downtown office.

Demonstration Details

  • Our demonstrations are available for any Condominium Boards in Ontario

  • Ideally we would like to interact with a majority of the Board

  • A typical demonstration requires 20-30 minutes

    • 5 minute introduction

    • 10 minute application walk through focused on cash management and utility monitoring

    • 5-15 minutes for Q&A

  • To be respectful of your time, we will never exceed 30 minutes

  • However, if requested, we can extend our Q&A session for interested audiences

A Personalized Demonstration

  • Some Boards may want a personalized demo where we upload their data into the system

  • For those interested in seeing a demonstration with their data in the system, we would require:

    • Your most recent Reserve Fund study (required)

    • Your most recent Notice of Future Funding (required)

    • Your historical and current Investments in your Reserve Fund (optional)

    • A historical summary of utility usage (optional)

  • We do require a couple of days to process any data before a demonstration


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