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Beta Program

Vertical City is a small start up created by a Condominium Owner that was motivated to add value to the Condominium community in Ontario. Vertical City currently operates out of Toronto, Ontario.

The Beta Program

During the initial development of our product, we had partnered with some Condominiums to help us evaluate and improve our product. Our early partners were extremely valuable in helping us refine our product.

While our product has improved significantly, we feel at this point that another round of feedback would extremely valuable. Therefore, we have decided launch another Condominium partnership program. We are calling this our Beta program.


We are looking for a few Condominiums that would be willing to partner with us to ultimately help us improve our product. Given the time we will need to support our Beta partners, we will only accept a very limited number of Condominiums into our Beta Program.


To be a valuable partner for us, we will require our partners to do a few things. We will need our partners:

  • to push all their relevant data into our system

  • to interact with our system as a typical user

  • to periodically update our system with any new data

  • to allow us to work with their Property Management team to access data and resolve issues

  • to share as much historical data as possible including: Reserve Fund studies, historical investments, yearly Reserve Fund expenses, historical budgets and historical utility bills


For any partner in our Beta program:

  • We will fully support data integration into our system

  • We will allow your Board to freely use the system during the Beta program

  • We will train your Board to use the system and understand the outputs

  • We will aim to highlight opportunity to add value to your Corporation

  • We will provide 6 months of free access to our release version after our Beta program is complete


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