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How to Find your Notice of Future Funding

The Reserve Fund Study and Notice of Future Funding both include a piece of information called a Cash Flow Table which outlines your Condominium Corporation's plan to fund the estimated expenditures for the upcoming years. The number of years can vary between studies.

The Condominium Act mandates that all Owners must receive a Notice of Future Funding every year. Normally it will be sent in an annual email that also outlines the increase in Common Element Fees for the upcoming year. The following is an example of what a Cash Flow Table looks like:

How do I find my Notice of Future Funding?

  1. If your Property Management typically emails documentation to Owners, then you should be able to search for 'Notice of Future Funding' in your emails.

  2. Some Condominiums store documentation on a document portal. If your Condominium uses a system to store documents then you can log in to that system to find your last Notice of Future Funding.

  3. If you are still unable to locate the documentation, you can always contact your Property Manager to request it. Property Managers are required to produce a copy of the documentation to any Owner upon request.

The Notice of Future Funding is an important document that allows the Vertical City Toolkit to start producing analytics about your Condominium. For Owners looking to access our Free Report, this document is the only piece of information we require to get started.


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